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Yes, what Kashav said, my assignment has two images. If you do not understand how to do it. Let me know and I can share with you my code.


I did not know what import statement you are using. So, can you share your code with me please?

to setup
  import-pcolors-rgb "dog.jpg"
  ask patches [
    sprout 1 [
      set color pcolor
      set shape "cat"
      set heading 0
  ask patches [
    set pcolor black
  import-drawing "teddy.jpg" 

to go
  ask turtles [
    right 5

-- this is what I had and you can have two or more pictures


Very useful, thank you !

2 Answers

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You just have to use two import statements and sprout turtles only where you want to draw a particular image.

It's basically importing and sprouting for the first one and then do the same for the second.

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agreed. Thank you, Kashav

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Note: it's also possible to do this using the bitmap extension.


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