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When I made my video, I keep getting this error: Extension exception: vid: recorder not started error while observer running VID: RECORD-VIEW
called by procedure GO
called by Button 'go'.
I have already added vid:start-recorder at the beginning of the SETUP code. I put VID: RECORD-VIEW at the end of the GO code.

Can you explain how can I resolve this problem?

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I get that error message almost every time I try to run the video function, it still records the video even though it gives that error.


For me, when I get that error, it did not record anything. But the professor's answer had resolved this problem.

2 Answers

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Did you run SETUP before you ran GO? Probably yes.

In which case, the most likely problem is that you left the GO (forever) button running when you finished (saved) the video.

After the moment the video gets saved, then the video recorder goes back to the "unstarted" state.

The proper order would be:

  • run SETUP
  • run GO for a while
  • stop the GO button from running
  • Save your Video
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If none works, you can create another function with "VID:RECORD-VIEW" and keep clicking it until the end of the clip

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