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I wanted to constantly move a turtle without setting the button to forever.

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5 Answers

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You don't need to use a "forever" button --that's just one way to get something to happen repeatedly in NetLogo. If you're feeling confused by the whole SETUP / GO button thing, then just write all of your video-creating code inside just ONE procedure, like this:

to make-video
  cro 5
  repeat 100 [
     ask turtles [
       forward 0.1
  vid:save-recording user-new-file
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I don't know how to do that however for the video part of the file you can keep on clicking on the button as quick or as slow as you would like.

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I think you can breed the single turtle to make it move the way you want without affecting other turtles. Moreover, you can put the turtle move into a repeat command to constantly move the turtle.

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you can also use the breed command and just use the specific turtle you want that way!

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the breed command is how I did this in my project

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make only the turtle animated in the go function. Setup other objects at the beginning

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