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Yay! Our senior inquiry is almost over. What are you all doing after graduation?

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You can also answer your own question, in this case, since people may be curious about what you are doing post-graduation...


Well, I'm gonna go back to China, get some experience in game development


I'm moving to Madison, WI to work at Epic!

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I will be doing web design and development work at Twin State Technical Services.

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I'm not going to graduate next year but I am going to have an internship this summer and another one in Sydney next Fall! It's going to be interesting :)

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That sounds like a fun time! Good luck with your senior year next year, Minh!

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I am going to be working as a web developer at State Farm in Bloomington IL (my hometown)

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That's awesome! Congratulations!

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I'll be working at John Deere as a Software Engineer in Milan, IL.

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Nice. See you around town, buddy!

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I will be doing software development in Kansas City, MO at Cerner!

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Going to take a rest and look for a job near or around Chicago where I live doing something with technology :)

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asking for upvotes has to be against the rules

I don't have any concrete plans yet but I look to stay around the QC for a few years and find a software dev job. Eventually I'd like to work at a start-up or in game dev.

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the college my dad works in also have research project related to solar energy i want to join. I've heard they need a android app to monitor the energy use of a solar panel they design

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