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I'm finding it really hard to focus and finish this last week of school. What strategies are you using to power through? Please show this question some love and upvote.

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Taking naps and drinking lots of coffee to power through

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Got to be honest, this was rough. Time management was my biggest issue, so I started having to use better time management techniques (mainly a calendar app) to keep track of everything I had going on.

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Mostly just dying and making jokes about dying. It's working so far!

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How do I upvote more than once?

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Just pushing on for me

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I'm not a senior yet but I feel ya... This year feels like the senior year for me while the next year is gonna be my junior.

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as tempted as I am to say that I'm not, it's mostly just crippling anxiety :^)

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LOL i have tones of mess i need to clean up after finish with college......
If i think about that in some way it helps me focus now

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