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The company I work for asked me to seek out an individual to add to the team asap. Essentially you'd be developing websites for various car dealerships using designated templates depending on the client they assign you.

The position is pretty basic and is just a lot of copy & paste from the content into the template -- as long you know basic HTML tags (h1,h2,p, and ul's) you shouldn't struggle with this work.

It's also best if you are familiar with Photoshop (or at least resizing images) as the images you need for the page must fit a specific pixel x pixel dimension in most cases.

Overall, I think this would be great work experience to add to your resume. I've been with them for almost 10 months now and work remotely during the school year. I wouldn't be putting this out there if I didn't really like working for the company!

UPDATE: They are looking for someone to start immediately and to continue through summer and possibly beyond if you are graduating this year. They are based in Batavia, IL

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If you would like more information please email me @ andrewhousholder17@augustana.edu

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Send me an email with the advert, and I can forward it to all the majors. (Is it posted on HandShake?)


They just asked me if I knew of anyone who would be interested and that they are seeking someone for a new position. I know that you would be working a little remotely during school and then most likely over the summer -- I do not believe there is any formal positional advert as of now. They are a digital marketing company that is a little over a year old and have < 20 employees but are doing extremely well so if anyone is looking for a job now and through summer this would be a great opportunity!