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I'm a big fan of issues and milestones, but what features is your team using on the project, if you're using any? If not, why not?

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6 Answers

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With all of my projects, I feel like the answer is not enough. Git has so many good features, but I find issue tracking the most helpful. Without some place to keep track of things to do, I find I can't keep track of them.

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I should use more of their services, but the basic push/pull functionality is so nice. After using just the H-drive in previous classes, its a freer feeling being able to work anywhere and be able to easily access your work post-college.

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Our group was told we need to use the Issues more to mark who is doing what but I also like the tracking project resource

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We just had to scroll though the commits page to find an old working version to copy and paste code into the current version

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We've tried, at least in later weeks, to use issues a lot. Through the first half of the term we used Asana (basically Slack) to handle things like issues and status updates, but it proved to just be cumbersome for our smaller team.

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I would love to use the milestone functionality sometimes in the future. I wanted to do this for a while now but I haven't had the chance to. With our project, we used issues and basic push pull a lot. We also try to communicate to avoid merging issues.

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checkout.....cause we mess up the master branch
reset --hard..... cause Unity don't like different vresion

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