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Do we know if there will be any portion of the exam on the computers?

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No, I think we'll stick with paper, at least for this exam, and probably for the second one too.

(We don't have enough lab computers for the whole class anyway, and I don't know whether people have the correct software on their own computers -- e.g. wireshark, hex editor, etc. Plus, possibly policing internet use, when you need to have access to the network. It all sounds too messy...)

And Jacob is right that there won't be any Java coding for this exam. Maybe next time... we'll see.

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I obviously can't tell you anything for sure, but I am pretty sure that there won't be a computer section. I am almost positive we won't be doing anything with java like we did in lab the other day, and I can't think of anything else we would NEED a computer to do. Dr. Stonedahl will hopefully come in with a more sure answer.

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