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So do I get one point per every action I take? For example, do I get one point per upvote, question asked, and question answered? Or is there some variance in points I don't know?

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3 Answers

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The best way to earn points is to ask questions, answer questions, and write comments on questions/answers. (Other actions also earn you small amounts of points.)

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You get five points for upvoting other answers

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Thanks for your help! :)

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Indeed you only get 1 point per like

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You also gain 100 for giving best answer to a comment on your question. funny enough you also get 5 points for downvoting another person and they lose points. other than that you may also gain points for getting badges


However, upvoting comments apppears to give you nothing in terms of points


Adding comments though does give points


Fair warning - I may downvote or even hide/delete comments/questions/answers if they appear to me to be mainly grubbing for points, rather than providing useful information to the discussion!