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So I need to be able to pass an object between activities for my app and I googled and found this article https://www.techjini.com/blog/passing-objects-via-intent-in-android/ on how to do that. Apparently there are 2 ways either by Serializable or Parcelable. I was wondering what way would be better for our individual projects? The article made it seems like parceable was harder to code but much more efficient where as serializable was really easy to code but runs slower and uses more memory. I chose to try and do it by serializable but is that loss in efficiency very noticeable for our smaller scale apps?

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Can you be more specific about why you need to pass an object between activities? Or why you need to have multiple activities? (Sometimes you just need to have ONE activity with multiple fragments or views inside it, perhaps using tabs or a side panel for navigation...)


Like for example for the osl events app we have a listview of events in one activity and when they choose that activity it takes them to a new activity displaying more info about that event and lets them added that event to their calendar so I have an event object that I pass from the the listview activity to the new activity.

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