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The lab tells us to right click on a couple of packets and then click on these options, but what are these two options specifically doing? What are we actually seeing on the window that pops up?

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The TCP protocol involves numbering packets in a sequence so that in case a later packet arrives before an earlier one (because it got routed differently on the internet), or in case some packet gets lost and never appears, the destination can detect that there was a problem, and request that the missing packet be resent, and it can put together the packets that do arrive in the correct order.

In Wireshark, I believe the "Follow TCP Stream" feature is allowing you to see the other packets that are part of the same related sequence of numbered packets.

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Right click on the packet that the program show you, that will be a direction on there for you to what to click. A box will open and the thing that you need to find is the flag number (6 digits) like 123456.

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