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Does the a crime monitoring program lose its effectiveness if its algorithms are known to the public? Aka, can a crime boss play the system if he knows how the system works internally? The obvious answer to this, in my opinion, is yes. So, Operation Laser will be destroyed by Stop L.A. PD spying coalition's probing.Also, how do they know it is a "racial program used to collect data on black and brown bodies" if they do not know how the process works and it is highly secretive?

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They also spoke of police officer's as disrupting nexuses of communication within communities as if they were unwanted by both perpetrators and victims. Do victims not want police intervention?

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I agree that if they release the algorithms it will possible to beat the system and find ways around the program. I also agree that it is difficult to say that the program is racial without knowing the process, however I think it could be the case that the monitoring system is more prevalent in certain areas of the city that are predominantly black.

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