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I do believe that a point based system would inevitably target lower-income areas due to the nature of those areas (and also possibly due to biases towards those locations). Even so, without biases, we must ask ourselves whether sending more police officers to those locations is really a bad thing? Law Enforcement not only arrest people (the common association with police officers), but they also provide protection for those obeying the law from those who don't. So, one can argue that sending more cops to this area is a blessing rather than a curse despite the amount of arrests that come from it. So, my question is, do you agree that A) it will lead to these areas being targeted, and B) whether that is a good or bad thing.

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Regarding question B -- hmmm... well, I guess that depends quite a bit on how police approach their job/mission -- in an adversarial way, or as guardians/peace-keepers of the community.

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