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In Lab 2, my answers keep cutting off before I get to the correct solutions in the sudoku_solutions.txt file. Apparently I can only hold 500 entries in the console at one time. How can I make this bigger and hold more in the console at once?

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Well Hunter, that is an excellent question. This is smart Hunter from two seconds in the future, and I have received much insight.

  1. Go up to the Tools drop down menu at the top right of Spyder.
  2. Click on Preferences.
  3. Go down to IPython console and scroll all the way down to where you see "Buffer: ".
  4. Increase this to about 2000 lines.
  5. Either restart Spyder, or go to the Consoles drop down menu right next to the Tools one, and click on "Open and IPython console".
  6. Run your code again, and the console should contain every single output you want to see.
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