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I feel slightly stupid, but how do you compress the lab folder to be submitted on moodle?

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I right clicked but I am not seeing a "compress" option or anything of the sort. I looked through export and didn't see it there either. Clearly I have missed something.
asked Sep 29, 2015 in Fall 15-16 by Scott Davis (100 points)

2 Answers

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Go to the projects location within your hard drive. Then you should be able to compress the lab
answered Sep 29, 2015 by Taylor Vaughan (100 points)
Got it. Thanks!
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On Windows I believe it's something like "Send to -> Compressed Zip Folder"...  but yes, you need to do it outside of Eclipse.
answered Oct 3, 2015 by Forrest Stonedahl (100 points)
I had a fit of rage at this where not finding that button made me feel really old. I know it's making a copy and then compressing it, but I still think of it as compressing the folder, not just taking the folder and sending it somewhere where someone will shove it into a small folder for me.