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HOW TO: map network drive (H:) to your windows device!

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1: click the "start" button in the lower left corner of the taskbar. then click on "Computer"

2: you will see a list of your physical drives on your computer. at the top of this window that popped up, there will be an option to "Map Network Drive"

3: Click this option.

4: for consistency you may want to name this drive "H:" however... you may name it what you want.

5: Next to folder you will type... "\\swann\*your school user name- followed by $*" for example.. mine was "\\swann\ethanblatti14$" followed by enter..

            (try to connect to mine.. haha you dont know my credentials!!)

6: It will then ask you for your credentials.

7: Notice!! the "domain" shown will be your computer's personal domain.. you dont want this. so before you type your user name enter "AUGIENT\" followed by your school user name. NOTE: "Domain" should now show "AUGIENT"

8:Under password, enter your school password

9: Happy H: drive connecting!! :)  (if this helped you please up-vote)



For step 1: you can either double click on "computer" on your desktop (if it is there) or simply type "computer" on the "home screen" and access it there. Steps after are the same :)

asked Feb 5, 2015 in other by Ethan Blatti (100 points)

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Should this work on Windows 10 too or is it different? Because I can't find the "Map Network Drive" option.
answered Nov 20, 2015 by Erik Anderberg (100 points)