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Want to share your nifty project ideas?

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Anyone want to share some of their awesome ideas they are planning on doing for the nifty project!...Like are you doing something that links to an interest or your major? For example, I am making an addition game for my first grade students to use to better their skills--I'm an education major.
asked Feb 2, 2015 in (Winter 14) by Haley Jones (100 points)
For my “nifty project”, I would like to create a game of some sort in which there is an object of some sort (a bird, spaceship, etc.) that the user can control. The user will only be able to control the objects vertical position.  Once I confirm that the user is ready to start the game, the user will then gain full control of the object and must navigate through two randomly positioned posts.  As the user progresses and successfully makes the object through the posts, there will be a counter that keeps track of how many posts the object has made it through.  The start of the game will be very simple for the user to navigate the object through the posts but the further he/she makes it, the posts will appear more rapidly and will result the user to react much faster.  Once the user has hit a post, there will be a “game over” graphics text and the game will display the users highest score and the users score he/she just achieved. The user will then be prompted to either play again or to quit.

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I'm doing mine based on my interests, but I am making a harry potter featured project where you are the only wizard powerful enough to defeat the evil forces. First the user will have to go through training to become a great wizard, and then they will get the chance to save the world. I am going to try and incorporate mouse clicks as well as try to get objects to move across the panel.
answered Feb 2, 2015 by Conner Sojka (100 points)
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I am attempting to create a program that creates flashcards and tests the user with them.  I am hoping this will actually be useful in the future for when I need to study terms.
answered Feb 3, 2015 by Kevin Barbian (100 points)
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Mine is going to be a kind of race around the world. The background of the panel will be different parts of the world and once the race cars go from one side of the panel to the other, the background will change and the cars will restart at the other side again. This will keep happening until the cars get across the finish line but where the finish line will be at is decided by the users input at the beginning of the race so that this way the distance of the race is almost always different.
answered Feb 3, 2015 by Travis Miller (100 points)
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I'm doing image comparison, like finding the differences between 2 pics, using mouse input area and counters.
answered Feb 4, 2015 by Hoang Nguyen (100 points)
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I am doing an interactive tic tac toe game. Lots of these ideas sound really really cool!
answered Feb 5, 2015 by Greg Larson (100 points)
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I'm making a survey/trivia game for my band.  Hopefully I can use to get some feedback from our fans.
answered Feb 5, 2015 by Andy Smith (100 points)
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I am also connecting my project to my major! Mine will be a tool that secondary math teachers (most likely middle school teachers) can use to aid them while teaching a lesson on solving equations. However, if I have time, I may add a game component that students themselves might be able to use as well.
answered Feb 8, 2015 by David Voland (100 points)
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My project is unrelated to my major.  I am making a birthday cake! It asks the user for their age and creates a cake with that amount of candles.  The candles will also flicker.  The user must click the cake to blow out the candles.
answered Feb 8, 2015 by Paige Fornek (100 points)