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What do people think of the Book?

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asked Oct 11, 2017 in CSC 285 (F17) by Brian Hinsberger (100 points)

14 Answers

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I actually don't mind it that much. Most of the information is rather helpful, but the only issue is how difficult some of the pages are to follow because of the kind of zany, over-the-top style of organization.
answered Oct 11, 2017 by Brandon Thompson (100 points)
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I hate it. It's hard to follow because I don't know what order to read the information in. It feels very disorganized and messy and like they expect you to be thinking exactly what they're thinking. I think I'd learn the information a lot better from a book with a more straightforward presentation that actually defines and explains things well. It also feels kind of demeaning, like it was written for small children.
answered Oct 12, 2017 by Vecna (100 points)
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I don’t like it either. It feels very disorganized, and not straightforward. I find it hard to follow and I honestly don’t learn that much from it.
answered Oct 12, 2017 by Zineb Zirari (100 points)
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It's not the worst. As others have said, the organization isn't ideal. I feel like the book spends a lot of time teaching readers how to code a certain thing, only to reveal pages later that that way is terrible and you should do it differently. At least the pictures/narration keep things interesting--one can't really argue it's a "dry" textbook.
answered Oct 12, 2017 by Christian Elliott (100 points)
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It's great for people wanting to learn some new things, but it always turns out that the code they created is actually the wrong and less efficient way to do things, so it's sort of like, as a reader, you keep asking, "Well why didn't we do that in the first place?" Then again, I already feel that way when I learn something new in CSC classes. Some things work better in certain cases, but in this book, nothing is the best way to do the thing until the book says so...until the next chapter, and the next.

It's also great if 40 pages of reading is intimidating. It's mostly stock photos and repeated code lines, so that's nice and easy to get through, I suppose.

answered Oct 13, 2017 by Angelica Garcia (100 points)
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I don't like books in general. That makes me hate this book.
answered Oct 12, 2017 by Trung Le (Jayden) (100 points)
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It's definitely poorly organized and instead of giving a concept and then explaining with an example, it gives one big example and tries to get you to figure out the concepts. It feels kind of backwards and it would be easier if it used multiple smaller examples instead of one big one so that reviewing the concepts after initially reading the chapter would be easier.
answered Oct 12, 2017 by Maegan Patterson (100 points)
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I think it is helpful that it has so many problems to help with each section, but I don't really like how the book is organized or visually put together. It's hard to pick out individual pieces of information in a section because it all seems to blend together.
answered Oct 14, 2017 by Leo Carberry (100 points)
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I dislike the book. It is a whole bunch of fluff with just a bit of information woven in to make it count as a textbook. It does pose "real-life" problems in the sense that anyone can believe a man named Ricardo sells guitars without having made a website to market his product first. Realism aside, the comedic relief is a bad take on learning. If I wanted to be entertained, I would be a theater major.
answered Oct 19, 2017 by Hunter Bader (100 points)
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I feel like I get a lot out of the book, but then again I like reading manuals. This book covers all the stuff that is missed in class and does a nice job of filling in the gaps. That being said, I also feel frustrated when I read it, like why does it show the wrong way, but then I think that it's a matter of he process that's being described. If you want to just skim through and scan the book for bold that definitely won't work. It's the kind of book that needs to be thoroughly inspected.cool

answered Oct 18, 2017 by Keri Meinert (100 points)