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Are Java files provided for test?

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Will we be provided with a Java file with code per each question on the second half or will we have to make them from scratch?
asked Oct 10, 2017 in CSC 211 (F17) by Robert (RJ) Nicholas (100 points)

3 Answers

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Based on what the professor posted on Moodle, I guess we will write the code on the provided .java file and then submit it again.
answered Oct 10, 2017 by Tiffany Nguyen (100 points)
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Since the sample Mid-terms contained the .java files  I think we will be provided with them but just be ready for both, to be safe.
answered Oct 10, 2017 by Thomas Ayele (100 points)
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If you take the sample exam when you get to the  coding portion of the exam it will tell you that the screen will be unlocked and we will have to follow directions the .java file will be provided and will only have the class name unless  the problem is a debugging excersize.
answered Oct 11, 2017 by Emilio Moscosa (100 points)