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What are your high scores on "The Oregon Trail"?

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Just thought it might be interesting to see how people completed their games and with what characters.

At the end, after being the farmer and winning the game these were my totals:

4800 : 4 people in fair health

150   : 1 wagon

48     : 4 oxen

12     : spare wagon parts

42     : 7 sets of clothing

12     : 236 bullets

39     : 341 pounds of food

$2.50 cash remaining

TOTAL: 5103 as a farmer.
asked Aug 28 in CSC 285 (F17) by Dylan Hart (100 points)
reshown Sep 3 by Dylan Hart

2 Answers

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Alright I just played again to answer this question. I played as a carpenter, 2,726 points. If only I had that many on the Q&A. Also, I made the Top Ten leaderboard? Greatest life achievement.


answered Oct 1 by Christian Elliott (100 points)
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I got like almost 700... if I can remember right I was a carpenter and the lone survivor
answered Sep 29 by Brian Hinsberger (100 points)