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What is the hardest part of learning how to program?

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asked Aug 25, 2017 in CSC 211 (F17) by Mariamawit Ghanna (100 points)

7 Answers

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From my experience in programming, the hardest thing at first would be understanding how your programs work. Your first programming experience would probably struggling with loops and methods. Later on, it's about the program structure, elegant codes, difficult algorithm etc,.
answered Aug 25, 2017 by Minh Ta (100 points)
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Understanding the many tools that are provided at your disposal and how to use them effectively and efficiently when creating complex programs. I think that the more practice the better, you can't become a better programmer without putting in the time to do so. Another important part of programming that can be tricky is being able to read other code from various people which is part of something you should keep in mind whilst programming. Your programs should be readable so that the other people that glance at it can figure out what is going on easily.
answered Aug 28, 2017 by Dylan Hart (100 points)
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I'd say debugging/revising code is one of the hardest parts about programming.  There are so many small details that could totally ruin your code which makes fixing it very difficult in some cases.
answered Aug 29, 2017 by Wesley Pulver (100 points)
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Currently I am also learning HTML at the WebGuild aside from Java in class. I would have to say the most difficult part for me this far is remembering the small key rules to each language. HTML and Java are different for obvious reasons so they have there own small rules that are not universal for coding. I prefer HTML more than Java however they do different things.

So bottom line, the hardest part of learning how to program is when you begin to learn multiple languages. But as I have learned, with practice it becomes second nature.
answered Aug 25, 2017 by George Hanson (100 points)
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It depends on what you're asking. If you mean learning to program initially with only one language, then the hardest part is most likely remembering all the different rules and debugging your programs. If you mean learning a second (or third or fourth etc) language, I would say it's probably making sure you are coding in the right language since different languages have different rules.
answered Aug 30, 2017 by Kathryn Clark (100 points)
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I would say its really important to learn the fundamentals of java really well and this is probably the hardest. Wrapping your head around methods, if/then statements, loops, etc. will help a lot in the long run. After that learning other languages becomes much easier because most of the differences come with the syntax (for example java uses a lot of parenthesis and brackets as opposed to some other languages that use less syntax). So for me getting down the basics of java is the hardest but after that it's much easier to understand what's going on in different programs.
answered Aug 30, 2017 by Lars Harvey (100 points)
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The hardest part for me is to find out whether or not I am smart enough to learn all the codes...
answered Sep 1, 2017 by Tiffany Nguyen (100 points)