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will we be working in only Java this term?

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asked Aug 22, 2017 in CSC 211 (F17) by Charles Fahy (100 points)

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Like Brandon said, typically CSC 211 is using the Java language and you can progress to CSC 212 in the Winter term and to follow that would be CSC 215. But like Dr. Stonedahl had told me last Fall, it can be quite interesting and helpful to dive into other languages when you have time during breaks throughout the school year or if you aren't in a CSC class. There's always so much to learn.
answered Aug 28, 2017 by Dylan Hart (100 points)
selected Nov 1, 2017 by Charles Fahy
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When I took 211 - in 285 right now - we only worked with Java so I would expect the same is true for you. Because there is a lot of need to develop understanding of broad concepts well in order to progress your coding ability, learning just one language for the intro class is probably the best way to do this!

A class you can take right after 211 that will have a little bit of info about other languages is Web Development (215) if you are interested!
answered Aug 22, 2017 by Brandon Thompson (100 points)
CSC 215 (Web Programming) will be offered in the Spring this year.  I believe it will include some Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS, and perhaps more...