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I was going over the syllabus to check my grade for each category and notice that the Syllabus is out of 110%. Did anyone else notes it? and what is that supposed to mean?

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Hmm... well, clearly I don't deserve an A, since I failed to do execute elementary arithmetic algorithms correctly!

Sorry about that!

The way the Moodle gradebook is currently handling it is that every category gets weighted slightly less.

For instance, the Final Exam is being valued at 20/110 = 18%, and the pop quizzes are valued at 6/110 = 5.45%, etc. This seems like it's probably the most reasonable approach to me...

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I also noticed this issue. I think that Dr. Stonedahl should curve the class 10% so that the class can still be out of 100%.

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Yeah I noticed that too, I was planning on thinking whether bringing that issue up will increase or decrease our grade and forgot about it. Does anyone know if correcting him will increase our grade?

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