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Which Hogwarts house do you think Dr. Stonedahl would be a part of? I think he might be a hufflepuff.

+9 votes
asked Sep 29, 2016 in CSC 211 (F16) by Alyssa Nestor (100 points)

5 Answers

+4 votes
I'm thinking hufflepuff is a good guess
answered Sep 29, 2016 by Brandon Thompson (100 points)
+4 votes
I can see Ravenclaw; he would be friends with Luna Lovegood I bet; but I can see hufflepuff too.
answered Sep 29, 2016 by Jack Cannell (100 points)
+4 votes
I think Ravenclaw is a good guess!
answered Oct 1, 2016 by Jordan Peklo (100 points)
+2 votes
answered Oct 3, 2016 by Trung Le (Jayden) (100 points)
0 votes
I don't know about everyone else, but I can see him being a part of Slytherin. Then again, I've never seen a Harry Potter Movie before...
answered Oct 5, 2016 by Lucas Simon (100 points)