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Are you getting an error about the Mac OS?

asked ago in CSC201 by (4.2k points)

2 Answers

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I don't have a mac to test this out, but it seems that the mac OS is disturbed by our .art file and doesn't want you to open it.

If you have a mac, let me know if you have a work around.

You might try temporarily making the output file .txt rather than .art and see if that gives you an output file that you can open. Then change the code back to making a .art file before you submit it to Moodle for scoring.

answered ago by (4.2k points)
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On a Mac, open the .art file with TextEdit. That seems to work.

You'll still get an error message in Thonny, but the code still executes and creates the .art file.

answered ago by (4.2k points)

My HP laptop also has this issue. Every time i tried to open the .art file, Thonny crashes so changing it to a txt. file is the only option since I do not have TextEdit.