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A rather serious question...

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Would anyone happen to have access to Dr. Stonedahl's instructional video on hand-throw pottery?

I wish to learn this craft.
asked Sep 25, 2016 in CSC 285 (F16) by Kenaniah Saunders (100 points)

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I'm also interested in this question
answered Sep 25, 2016 by Luke Robinson (100 points)
selected Oct 3, 2016 by Kenaniah Saunders
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I'm afraid it isn't available online anywhere.  

My dad (the potter) was selling them (probably about $10 for volume 1) in his pottery store... and online some too, around 2005.  He might may still have a few copies sitting around, which someone might be able to purchase from him.

FYI: I was not doing the teaching -- I was just the "sit-in" amateur, attempting to learn a bit from the tutoring of the master potter.  It wasn't the best production quality... the fact that it's mostly disappeared is probably for the best.

You can find plenty of tips & tricks for potters from my dad's website... http://sondahl.com/indexpottery.html but I'm not sure they are suitable for beginners.

Have you considered signing up for a ceramics class here at Augustana?
answered Sep 26, 2016 by Forrest Stonedahl (100 points)
Interesting. However, there's a real mystery here...

Your father lists his last name as Sondahl on his website, but yours is Stonedahl. Is he hiding his identity from the wrongdoers of the internet? Or, rather, are you hiding yours?
*Drop the mic*