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com.firebase.client.FirebaseException: Failed to bounce to type

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Anyone know how to fix this error in firebase or what is causing it. I am using it inside FirebaseRecyclerViewAdapter

firebaseAdapter = new FirebaseRecyclerAdapter<Status, View_Holder>(Status.class, R.layout.card_view, View_Holder.class, mStatusRef) {
    public View_Holder onCreateViewHolder(ViewGroup parent, int viewType) {

        View v = LayoutInflater.from(parent.getContext()).inflate(R.layout.card_view, parent, false);
        View_Holder holder = new View_Holder(v);
        return holder;

    public void populateViewHolder(View_Holder holder, Status status, int position) {

asked Apr 30, 2016 in Spring 2016 by Nelly Cheboi (100 points)

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