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MT2: What are the three elements of the MVC architecture and what are there purposes?

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asked Oct 23, 2015 in Fall 15-16 by Scott Davis (100 points)

1 Answer

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MVC stands for model-view-controller, which are the three elements of the system. The view and controller are things that the user of the program might see, such as the GUI's appearance and layout (view) and interact-with-able items like the buttons and text boxes (controller), that the user can use to manipulate the real content and program underneath (the model). For example, I'm looking at a page with a text box and some gray buttons (view). I can type into the text box and then hit "Add answer," maybe after hitting the B or I button on some of it (controller). And this changes the content of the page underneath the GUI, which the GUI displays (model). (Or really, that the HTML/CSS displays through the browser, I'm not sure that you would describe the look of a website as a GUI.)

answered Oct 23, 2015 by Evan Henkel (100 points)