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Cutting back on individual commits when merging conflicts

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Whenever I have encountered a conflict when pulling to my local repo from github, my usual action has been to commit my changes before attempting to pull again. I would include a simple message such as "merge" in that commit. Once I pull again, conflicts are marked in the code which I can edit in my IDE. Once that's done, I type "commit" again into Git Bash to complete the merge, whereupon I can push it all up to github.

This procedure has worked for me so far, and I manage to push my files without losing any changes made by me or my teammates. However, when I view the stats on Git, all the commits I made to merge are included there. Plus, I have far more commits connected to my profile than everyone else, which I know to be false. My fear is that my merges somehow override the commits of others, in that changes made before my merge are subsumed and credited toward me.

How can I fix my process of merging such that the commits of others are reflected in github's statistics?

Note: I use the command line in Git Bash and have not pushed/pulled/committed through Eclipse or Netbeans.
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asked Oct 19, 2015 in Fall 15-16 by Christopher Green (100 points)
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