2016 Contest Results:

5 teams from 2 schools competed in the 1st Annual A.I.R.C.

  • 1st place - AND the Funky Bunch from St. Ambrose University
    • Caleb, Caleb, Nathan, & Vasilios
  • 2nd place - Guerrillas from Augustana College
    • Ryan, Ethan, Billy, & Laura
  • 3rd place - x-wing @ Aliciousness from Augustana College
    • Kyle, Jake, Nick, Blake & Brian

The contest, complete with a May the Fourth Star Wars homage, was a big hit! Check out the event photo gallery.

What was the challenge?

Build and program a LEGO™ robot to climb over 2x4 hurdles.

How to register:

Registration is closed for 2016.

Contact forreststonedahl@augustana.edu if you have questions.

Inspirational quote:

Nobody gets lucky all the time.
Nobody can win all the time.
Nobody's a robot. Nobody's perfect.

         -- Champion figure skater, Johnny Weir



Contest Day! The results are in!


Team Registration Form Finally Active!


There will be a free pizza dinner for robot teams on contest day!


AIRC 2016 website launched!